Meet Eddie Bishop. Eddie was referred to us as an emergency after a stick impaled his right eye while out on a walk. 

The four-year-old Rottweiler, who was referred to us from the team at Vets4Pets Middlesbrough, came to us with a large thorn, approximately 3cm long, sticking out from his cornea.

Unfortunately, our ophthalmologist Chris Dixon identified that the thorn had penetrated the internal parts of the eye and had embedded itself into iris and lens too!

We placed Eddie under general anaesthetic for emergency surgery, which included performing a corneal graft and lens removal.

Chris was able preserve Eddie’s vision by inserting an artificial lens into his eye and Eddie made a full recovery.

Eddie continues to be his mischievous self and we hope he has learnt not to get too close to prickly bushes!

At Veterinary Vision, we offer an out of hours service from our own premises, staffed by a dedicated team of ophthalmologists and nurses, 365 days of the year. This allows us to act quickly in emergency situations such as Eddie’s.

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