Your vet will have sent all relevant details regarding your pet directly to us at Veterinary Vision and they will have asked that you contact us to arrange an appointment at one of our dedicated centres. Should you require our contact details, please click here

Prior to the appointment

For all cases, other than diabetic animals, we advise that no food is given on the day of the appointment. This means that should surgery or further investigations requiring general anaesthesia or sedation be necessary, then it may be possible to carry them out on the same day as the examination.

An evening meal can be given the night before and water can be left down overnight, but the water should be withdrawn from two hours prior to your appointment, and no breakfast given.

Your regular vets may have prescribed medication for your pet prior to an appointment with us. If this is the case then please continue all medication as prescribed and bring it with you on the day of your appointment, unless instructed otherwise.

What to expect at your appointment

When you arrive with us ar Veterinary Vision, you will be greeted by one of our friendly team of receptionists who will make you feel welcome and help put you and your pet at ease. You will be offered a seat in our waiting area where you will find complimentary refreshments and a restroom. Each of our centres has a large car park adjacent to the practice alongside dedicated dog walking areas to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

The initial consultation may take up to one hour and, where possible, a full ophthalmic examination will be performed during this time. The findings of the examination will be discussed fully with you at the end of the examination, along with plans for any further investigations or necessary treatment.

A full written report will be also sent back to your regular vets after each consultation in order to ensure full continuity of care.

Patient Journey Video

Please watch this video of what to expect on the day, ensuring you have a clear picture of what to anticipate during your visit. This comprehensive guide will alleviate any apprehensions, making your experience with us smooth and worry-free.

Your visit to veterinary visionYour visit to Veterinary Vision