Veterinary Vision is one of only a few centres in Europe with the facility for retinal re-attachment surgery including high-speed posterior vitrectomy.

retinal surgeryLarge retinal detachments can be realigned into a normal anatomical position by removing the vitreal body and replacing it with Silicone oil.

The re-attached neurosensory retina is then 'welded' with an endo-laser onto the underlying tissue to reduce the risk of further detachment.

Retinal re-attachment surgery is often performed in combination with lens extraction to prevent secondary cataract formation.

Small retinal tears may be treated without entering the eye using our 532nm trans-pupillary laser system.

Although these cases require an anaesthetic, there are no surgical incisions or sutures placed, and there is no post-operative discomfort.

If you have seen a case with a retinal tear or detachment, please contact Veterinary Vision as soon as possible. Early intervention can improve the long-term prognosis and prevent loss of vision.

Please see our factsheet on retinal surgery for more information.

Retinal surgeryDog retinal detachment surgery - timelapse video