We’re proud to say our talented RVN Lottie Helm is officially top of the class!

Lottie started working with us at Veterinary Vision in June 2019 and has been combining her full-time job with a part-time veterinary nursing top-up degree at Myerscough College.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Lottie graduated with first-class honours and has been additionally recognised for her commitment with the Lorraine Allan Memorial Award, the college’s ‘student of the year’ prize.

The award is named in memory of Dr Lorraine Allan, Myerscough’s former head of equine, farriery and veterinary nursing, who died last year.

The citation from Alison Robinson, chief executive and principal at Myerscough, praised Lottie for being a role model to all RVNs who wished to advance their careers academically and for her “exceptional” dissertation, which looked into the utilisation of RVNs.

The 23-year-old, who lives in Penrith, said:

“I wasn’t expecting the award at all. When it arrived in the post, I didn’t realise what it was – my mum had to tell me!

“Veterinary nursing was always something I wanted to do. What we do at Veterinary Vision is very specialised, so I have had a lot to learn. You are using a lot of the skills you have learned every day.

“It is very different to first opinion practice – you never get the same day twice, there is always something different.”

Asked how she sees her career developing, Lottie added:

“First it will be having a break from education after five years doing my degree. I am settled at Veterinary Vision and really enjoying it here, so I am looking forward to learning even more.”

Congratulations, Lottie, from all of us at Veterinary Vision!